Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Letter to New Line

I was ordering (yet another) Sideshow Weta statue and stumbled across an announcement that New Line had extended an offer to Sam Raimi to direct The Hobbit. Sam Raimi ~ in case you never go to the movies or pay attention to who directs ~ was the director for the Spiderman movies as well as, The Evil Dead. If you're a hard-core sci-fi/fantasy fan, you would have noticed that Joxer The Mighty appears in all of Sam Raimi's films as it's his brother Ted Raimi. Somehow, I don't think Joxer has a role in The Hobbit.

So because I'm fanatical when it comes to LOTR, I just had to write a letter. I submitted it via New Line's site.

"This message is directed to Bob Shaye & Michael Lynne.

Dear Sirs,

I am surprised that the following topic is not on your FAQs page by now considering the volume of mail/email you must be receiving. I'm a little late to the ballgame, but would still like to express my thoughts regarding the making of The Hobbit and the 'prequel' you have planned.

Sam Raimi is a good director, but would not be a good alternate to follow Peter Jackson. New Line and Peter made history with the LOTR movies and thrilled millions of fans with a long-last realized dream of seeing Tolkien's story on the big screen. That venture was perfection as the 11 academy awards show.

You now have the never-to-come-again opportunity to complete that history. Don't fuckitup."

Think that will convince them? LOL

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Don't meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.

Whilst I sew squares together today, it will be dragon movie day (sometimes, I like to watch movies in themes.) On the venue are:

These should keep me from napping and ensure that I don't doze off as dragons are not quiet creatures (no guarantees though.) Here be the squares I'll be sewing together today:

This is one afghan that will definitely need blocking when it's done ~ no skating though without it! No-sir-ee. And a tip for you should you decide to make this pattern... on rnd 3, replace ch 5 with ch 3 or ch 4 to reduce the loopiness. I thought of this once I finished the first 8 knowing that it would make for unruly squares unless I reduced the ch. But rather than rip back 8 squares, I chose to proceed with the remaining 40. Sometimes I'm not bright.

And what are you doing today?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Random Stuff

Although we seem to have escaped the 'leash law' ticket (yay!), Yoda didn't fare as well. Because she had to be left in the shelter over an entire weekend, she managed to get a nice nasty case of kennel cough. So all this week we have been medicating her which has NOT been fun. She does not like to take her medicine and it usually takes both me and my husband to administer it. She's been medicated for 3 days now and she's just starting to show teensy-weensy signs of improvement. (I've had another 'first' in my life and that is picking a dog's nose. ick.) I'm hoping by Monday morning, she will be a lot better and we'll be on the downhill slope with this thing. Poor baby.

I put the PK doily aside for a bit and picked up the Solo afghan. All of the squares are done. Now comes the [daunting] task of sewing them all together. This is my least favorite part. So much so, that I've been known to not finish an afghan because of it. But I'm going to discipline myself and dig in tonight. My husband went off to the car races, so I have the whole house to myself!

But before I do that, please excuse me while I rant a bit about Bernat's Solo yarn. It's full of knots. Not just a knot in a skein here and there, but virtually every skein and sometimes more than one! Needless to say, there was a lot of waste and I had to end up buying more yarn to finish. So that $1.59 per ball sale was for a reason I think. Since the yarn is discontinued, it must have been to get rid of mill ends or something. If not, it could be the reason why the yarn has been discontinued. On the bright side, even with having to buy more, it was still a cheap project and I do like the way the afghan is coming out. Just be forewarned should you decide to take advantage of a sale you see for it and buy extra.

MySpace. I registered for an account just so I could contact someone in particular to ask a question. Then I forgot about it. That was about a month ago. Since then, I've had several teenage girls requesting to be added to my friends list. So yesterday, after having to have my password resent, I clicked on their names to see who they were. Basically, they were all a bunch of slutty little girls who were posting links to their naked pictures. Yep, just what I want to add to my circle of friends. You betcha. These little slut-puppies [I am most certain] are serving up your hamburgers at the local McDonalds, so the next time you're there you might want to ask that girl at the drive-up if she washed her hands before handing you your Happy Meal.

Now where did I put that new package of yarn needles?

Sunday, June 17, 2007


I've been jonesing for macaroni salad. Quite frankly, I could live on macaroni salad. Not yours though, just mine. Isn't it funny how something so simple can taste so different depending on who makes it? Don't even talk about grocery store macaroni salad. There's something unnatural about it.

So I'm making macaroni salad today. Wanna make some with me? Then we can veg on the couch, crochet, watch movies and eat macaroni salad together. Here's my formula in case you're feeling adventurous:

Mini's Macaroni Salad

Get out the big pot and sturdy spoons, you'll need them plus:

32 oz. bag Anthony's Elbow Macaroni (cuz it's never sticky and says so on the bag)
12 hard boiled Extra Large Grade AA Eggs (cuz we want to die young and pretty)
2 large cucumbers, peeled and cut into pieces to your liking
1 large red onion, chopped
Sweet pickle relish
A big jar of real mayonnaise (see eggs)
and if you want more color in your salad, a couple of chopped tomatoes

Boil the eggs, peel and put in the fridge to cool them off. Cook the macaroni according to the package directions. Throw it in a colander (or 2) and rinse with cold water. Let it drain. In the meantime, chop up the cucumber, onions and tomatoes. When the eggs are cool, chop them up too.

Rinse out and dry the big pot, cuz it's all going back in. First the macaroni, then all of the chopped ingredients. Throw a couple of dollops of sweet pickle relish in there too. Now for the mayonnaise. Scoop out half the jar into the pot. Now get your big sturdy spoon and start mixing all this stuff together. Add more mayonnaise as needed and mix it up until it's the consistency you like.

When all mixed together, cover and put it in the fridge for at least 4 hours. This stuff gets better the longer it sits!

Now, what are we crocheting and what movie are we watching?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Creative Process

Eenie Meenie Miney Mo... Ecru, Camel or Mocha? I decide not ecru - too bland I'm thinking. Not camel either. I have too many doilies in camel. Mocha? Kinda dark, it might downplay the texture. One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four... Arggg! I can't decide. I don't want to do it in white as that doesn't fit in with the earthtone color scheme around here. Maybe Banana? Nah, then I could only put it out at Easter.

I turn on the TV in search for a movie to crochet along to. Nothing on really. OK, let's pick a DVD. I start having random thoughts like why is our butt in the middle of our body? Wouldn't it be more convenient if we pooped out our feet? Fern green? I look across the room and I have a fern green filet on the coffee table. Burgandy? Too Christmassy. Back to Ecru, Camel and Mocha. I take a mental inventory of my thread colors. Light Pink, Baby Blue, Dark Sage... I know the Cebelia color chart by heart and I have them all. Nope, none of those. Back to Ecru, Camel and Mocha.

If we pooped out our feet, then farts could be much more easily disguised. That wasn't a fart, it's these new shoes! Let's watch Beowulf. Gerard Butler is in that one and he's a cutie-pie even though he plays a Norseman with a Scottish accent. You know you want to make this doily in Camel, just start and get moving!

I need coffee. I can't plop my butt down for the morning without another pot of coffee for crying out loud. Oh yeah, and it's bath day for the dogs. Can't forget to do that today. If we pooped out our feet, would socks then be considered sexy attire? We've already got thongs for the feet. In fact, they long preceded thongs for the butt.

Three # 7 hooks go in the trash as the finish is worn off. Ahh, there's a new one. I'm ready. I stare at the balls of thread. I rip the plastic off all three. I grab ecru. Gerard Butler sure looks hot in long hair. I work a couple of rounds and then I have an idea. I'll use all 3 colors! There. That does it and I no longer have to pick! Besides, I've never seen or done a PK doily in multiple colors before. This will be fun.

So here be a pic of the first 13 rows. I'm thinking I'm going to like it.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Yep, I'm Finally Going to Do It

I've made this doily twice as gifts for others. I'm finally going to make one for me! It is such a gorgeous doily rich with texture.

Now, which color ~ ecru or camel?

PK Crochet

This will take me about 3-4 weeks to complete if I stick with it and don't get sidetracked. Maybe I'll post WIP pics as I go to help keep me motivated :P

Monday, June 04, 2007


I really need to stay off the net. I am such a soft touch for any kind of charity, especially one that involves kids. The latest one I'm crocheting for is for orphaned children in Uganda whose parents have either died or succumbed to AIDS. So here's a pic of the blankie that I made this weekend to send off. I have 2 more in the works.

Giant TVs are great for hanging stuff on to take pictures :D

It's a bitty blankie at 28" x 30". I used this pattern, but changed the edging and used Bernat Satin. It called for picot stitches all around and I just wasn't in the mood for picots. So I just did a ch2, sk2, sc kind of edging. I also preceded it with 2 rows of sc instead of 1. It works. So it will be sent off in the mail just as soon as I weave in a few ends.

And that was my weekend, and so ends my vacation :)

Yoda in Jail

Yoda has a terrible habit that we have ~ so far ~ been unable to break. And that is bolting out the front door the millisecond it is opened. She typically goes next door where there are 2 little girls that are usually outside and, for the most part, her bad habit has been harmless. When she's done visting or playing, she always comes back and knocks at the front door to be let back in.


Last Friday evening. My husband opened the door and out she went. The little girls were not out, so she apparently went in search of someone to visit. My husband decided not to chase her and she never came home that night. So, off to the local shelter he goes the next morning. Sure enough, she's there.

Free Yoda!

So he fills out the paperwork. He is told we need to contact the county animal control so they can come out and check out our yard before we can bring Yoda home. So now it's Monday (and know that they charge you for each day your critter is in the shelter ~ not that they're getting hotel treatment, mind you.) The animal control said they'd do their best to get out here today. As of 1:15pm, they have not yet shown up. They've got until 4:30pm, otherwise, my husband will have to wait for them to arrive tomorrow. Hopefully, it won't be the next day. (ka-ching) Then I'm sure there are fees to be paid along with the "hotel" stay.

If you recall, this was the dog we adopted from my mom to get her critter count down when she moved into her new place. Although the dog is real sweet, she is untrainable. Let's hope she learns her lesson and we'll be able to break her of her bad habit. Otherwise, should it happen again, I'll let someone adopt her from the shelter. (sigh)


The animal control cop got here just before 2pm. She called the shelter and 'cleared' us. So off to the shelter I went and Yoda is now home to the tune of $82. I guess that's not too bad. However, she was picked up due to a complaint (someone on our street called them) and we might also face a ticket from the 'arresting officer' to the tune of $175. It's up to the officer as to whether we get it or not. So... if we don't get a visit within the next week or so, we should be home free on that one.

You'd think she was a pit bull or something. She's maybe a foot long and maybe 7 inches tall. Yep, a real danger to others, she is. I hope the person who ratted on her is feeling good about themselves. So much for neighbors looking out for neighbors...

Yoda is Free!

Coffee House Placemats ~ Part 1

I made these to use on our patio table. The project is only half-done as there will be 2 more placemats with light blue and gold borders. If there is enough scrap yarn left, I might also make matching coasters to go with them. The colors remind me of Starbucks, hence the name. The SUPER simple patterns follow for these first two variations.


Lion Cotton Ease: 2 balls Taupe, 1 ball Lime & 1 ball Terracotta
Hook Size G / 4.5mm

Hook Size H / 5.0mm
Yarn Needle for weaving in ends

Size: Approximately 16 inches wide x 12-1/2 inches tall


Gauge Swatch
4 rows of 7 sc across = 1 inch x 2 inches

Version 1
(Lime Border in picture)

With larger hook and Taupe, ch 32. Switch to smaller hook.

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. (31 sc)

Row 2: Ch 1, turn. Sc in each sc across. (31 sc)

Rows 3 - 50: Repeat row 2. At end of row 50, finish off and weave in ends.

Continue working with smaller hook

Foundation Row 1: Fold placemat in half width-wise to find the center st on the long edge. Join Taupe in this st and sc evenly to 1st ch; 3 sc in 1st ch, sc across to last ch; 3 sc in last ch; sc evenly across to 1st sc; 3 sc in 1st sc; sc evenly across last side; join to 1st sc. Finish off and weave in ends.

Row 2: Attach Lime to join in 1st sc of foundation row 1; ch 1, sc in same st and across to corner; *3 sc in corner st, sc across to next corner; repeat from * twice; end with sc across to beginning sc and join.

Rows 3 - 8: Ch 1, 2 sc in same sc as join; * sc across to opposite corner, 3 sc in corner sc; repeat from * twice; sc to last corner, 1 sc in same sc as start of round, join to 1st sc. At end of rnd 8, finish off, weave in ends. Block or steam iron to shape.

Version 2
(Terracotta Border in picture)

With larger hook and Taupe, ch 46. Switch to smaller hook.

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across. (45 sc)

Row 2: Ch 1, sc in each sc across. (45 sc)

Rows 3 - 36: Repeat row 2. At end of row 36, finish off, weave in ends.

Continue with smaller hook.

Foundation Row 1: Fold placemat in half width-wise to find the center st on the long edge. Join Taupe in this st; ch 1, sc in same st; sc in each sc to last sc; 3 sc in last sc; sc evenly across to 1st ch; 3 sc in 1st ch; sc across to last ch; 3 sc in last ch; sc evenly across to last sc; 3 sc in last sc; sc in each sc to end; join to 1st sc. Finish off, weave in ends.

Rnd 2: Attach Terracotta to join. Ch 1, sc in same st and across to corner; * 3 sc in 2 nd sc of corner, sc across to next corner; repeat from * twice; end with sc across to beginning sc and join.

Rnds 3 - 8: Ch 1, 2 sc in same sc as join; * sc across to opposite corner, 3 sc in corner sc; repeat from * twice; sc to last corner, 1 sc in same sc as start of round, join to 1st sc. At end of rnd 8, finish off, weave in ends. Block or steam iron to shape.

Finish your last rnd by using the Hidden Ends method of joining. This will make for a seamless join and a more finished appearance.

To keep from bulking up stitches when you weave in ends ~ or to prevent your ends from "popping up" through your work ~ split the plies of the yarn at least into 2 strands and weave them separately through different stitches.

This pattern has not been tested. Should you find an error, please share and I will update!


Scrubbee Cloth

It started out as an MCAL at CFL ~ but it wasn't working for me. Either I was crocheting too tightly or my scrubbee was not equal in size to the one used to develop the pattern. So as all crocheters do in these cases, I modified it. This pattern is based on Kornflakes Scrubber Cloth.


Lion Cotton Ease: Small amounts of 4 different colors
(I used Lake, Lime, Terracotta and Maize)
Size G / 4.5mm hook
Nylon Scrubbee

Yarn Needle for weaving in ends


Gauge: Who cares? It's a dish scrubber!


Rnd 1: With Lake (color 1), join yarn to scrubbee, ch 1, sc in same sp, sc evenly around. Join to 1st sc. (I had 34 sc)

Rnd 2: Ch 2, *2 hdc in next sc, hdc in next sc; repeat from * around; join to beginning ch-2. Finish off, weave in ends.

Rnd 3: With Lime (color 2), join in any hdc in rnd 2; ch 3; *hdc, ch 1 in next hdc; repeat from * around; join to 2nd ch of beginning ch-3. Finish off, weave in ends.

Rnd 4: With Terracotta (color 3), join in any ch-1 sp in rnd 3; ch 3; *hdc, ch 1 in next ch-1 sp; repeat from * around; join to 2nd ch of beginning ch-3. Finish off, weave in ends.

Rnd 5: With Maize (color 4), join in any ch-1 sp in rnd 4; ch 2, hdc in same sp, ch 1; *2 hdc, ch 1 in next ch-1 sp; repeat from * around; join to beginning ch-2.

Rnd 6: Ch 1, sc in same sp and in each st around; join to 1st sc. Finish off, weave in ends.

I could have positioned the ruffling better, I basically just threw it on the floor and took a pic :P But isn't it neat how I got a matching rainbow?

Ciao for now!