Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Elvis Said Blog

I don't like to blog if I don't have much to share. I like to save it up and blab all at once. But since my life as a wage slave interferes with my ability to quickly save it up, Elvis said I better get something up. No, not the Memphis King of Rock'n Roll. Elvis the Meerkat.

I decided to switch gears on a sweater I was making for my mom for mother's day and make her an afghan instead. It's comprised of squares - 6 x 8 - and I have one 6-square strip done so far. 7 more to go plus the border! LOL This was probably a stupid decision considering that I only have a couple of weeks. I figure if I don't sleep for a week, I can make it easy. With sleep? Highly questionable, but I'll give it the old college try anyway.

That is, of course, as long as I resist picking up The Children of Hurin. OMG! Tolkien has a new book after 30+ years! Do you know how hard it is for me to not lock myself in the bedroom and ignore the outside world?! But when I do read it, it will be from cover to cover in isolation. I don't want to miss a thing due to distraction or interruption. I want to savor this read, so I'm waiting...

And that recaps recent life at Mini's house. A thrill a minute, eh?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Book!

Look what arrived in the mail from my friend Monet!

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Receiving this beautiful pattern book in the mail was a real treat! - well, she actually had bought a different one and I ruined it for her by having it already - but nonetheless, the sweet thought was unexpected and greatly appreciated. I met Moe on line in CFL. The internet is truly a wonderful place that it enables you to meet people from all over. I'm in CA and Monet is in CT. That's awesome!

So now what to make? I think I've narrowed it down to one of these:

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I am well past the age - er, size - for cropped tops, so I'd make the first one longer to hide my "years." But both are perfect for the impending [desert] summer!

Mini bows low to Moe. May your years be filled with joy and laughter and may your beard grow ever longer! that's a compliment, trust me :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

There Goes the New Car Again...

So the big screen TV goes out on Thursday. The world has surely come to an end. My husband is pale and listless. I'm in a state of confusion without the background noise. Life is eerily different without the "turn that damn thing down" argument everyday. So on Saturday, armed with 4k, we go TV shopping. We're excited. After all, it will be nice to get that behemoth 54" projection TV out of the living room. We're looking for a flat panel HDTV, plasma preferred, of course.

So off to our little local 1-story Sears we go as they were having a sale on TVs. We're eyeballing a little 50-incher. It's nice, but I'm not thrilled with the resolution. You have to sit in just the right place for it to look good and it was the best of their lot. So back in the car and off to the next town to Best Buy.

OMG. We sat in the middle of their TV "theater" drooling. There was a particularly nice Pioneer Elite that was incredibly awesome. What Apple has done for looks, style and quality in computers, Pioneer has done the same for plasma TVs. The Bentley of TVs. It was 50", but you could stick your nose on the screen and the picture was still crystal clear beyond belief. And it was pretty. And it was 7k. Not to worry, we can finance. I paid off all the credit cards!

Then, the husband turns around and sees a 65" Panasonic. Not as stylish as the Pioneer, but an equally awesome picture. Mercedes Benz. Not a Bentley, but not shabby. 10k later, we walk out of the store. It will be delivered tomorrow.

Panasonic Model Details
Click on the pic for specs
Movies anyone?

Wednesday, April 04, 2007