Monday, June 04, 2007

Yoda in Jail

Yoda has a terrible habit that we have ~ so far ~ been unable to break. And that is bolting out the front door the millisecond it is opened. She typically goes next door where there are 2 little girls that are usually outside and, for the most part, her bad habit has been harmless. When she's done visting or playing, she always comes back and knocks at the front door to be let back in.


Last Friday evening. My husband opened the door and out she went. The little girls were not out, so she apparently went in search of someone to visit. My husband decided not to chase her and she never came home that night. So, off to the local shelter he goes the next morning. Sure enough, she's there.

Free Yoda!

So he fills out the paperwork. He is told we need to contact the county animal control so they can come out and check out our yard before we can bring Yoda home. So now it's Monday (and know that they charge you for each day your critter is in the shelter ~ not that they're getting hotel treatment, mind you.) The animal control said they'd do their best to get out here today. As of 1:15pm, they have not yet shown up. They've got until 4:30pm, otherwise, my husband will have to wait for them to arrive tomorrow. Hopefully, it won't be the next day. (ka-ching) Then I'm sure there are fees to be paid along with the "hotel" stay.

If you recall, this was the dog we adopted from my mom to get her critter count down when she moved into her new place. Although the dog is real sweet, she is untrainable. Let's hope she learns her lesson and we'll be able to break her of her bad habit. Otherwise, should it happen again, I'll let someone adopt her from the shelter. (sigh)


The animal control cop got here just before 2pm. She called the shelter and 'cleared' us. So off to the shelter I went and Yoda is now home to the tune of $82. I guess that's not too bad. However, she was picked up due to a complaint (someone on our street called them) and we might also face a ticket from the 'arresting officer' to the tune of $175. It's up to the officer as to whether we get it or not. So... if we don't get a visit within the next week or so, we should be home free on that one.

You'd think she was a pit bull or something. She's maybe a foot long and maybe 7 inches tall. Yep, a real danger to others, she is. I hope the person who ratted on her is feeling good about themselves. So much for neighbors looking out for neighbors...

Yoda is Free!


Monet said...

wow....i hate freaking people. you did everything you could and they did that to you...i would have slapped somebody lol

naida said...

awwww yoda...I'm glad shes back home. I hope she doesnt do it again. how annoying of someone to call and complain about her!

Mini said...

I'll be keeping my ears and eyes peeled to find out who called, trust me!

Sônia Maria said...

Oi MIni!
Que pena sua cachorrinha ter esse mal hábito.
Eu sinto muito amiga,
Abraços com carinho,
Sônia Maria