Friday, August 31, 2007

A Better Post

Moving on from the ugly things that happen in life...

Monday will be my 17th wedding anniversary. 17 years. They've really flown by. Yesterday, I was blonde, skinny, physically fit and majorly in love with this guy I met. This guy was blonde, fit, muscular, majorly in love with me and had all of his teeth. The only part of these statements that is still true is that this guy is still blonde. Oh yeah, and the love part! And I'm very thankful for that part. 17 years. Whodathunk?

And it's a 3-day weekend! This is doubleplusgood!

What's on your agenda? They claim it will become ungawdly hot here, so we likely won't be going anywhere unless the word 'beach' is involved. Yoda ran out the door again tonight and I had to chase her down the street. That's as much physical activity in this heat that I intend to have. We've been having some gnarly lightening storms with this lovely weather and yesterday the thunder was so loud that I thought the roof was being blown off the house.

I think I'm going to try to buckle down and get that Christmas list made so I can get organized with the crochet projects. Lately I've been flitting to and fro, kind of stabbing at things. If I'm going to get much done, I need to discipline myself with a little order and a neatly typed list. And of course, take yarn inventory. I'm quite certain I'll need more ~ LOL!


As I wander from site to site and group to group, I repeatedly see questions regarding the availability of a crochet charting program. There is only one that I know of, and it's pretty limited and not very user-friendly. Now, I got to thinking that I haven't endured medical device labeling and IT projects for nothing, so I contacted one of my developer friends and dangled a carrot via IM (as he's out of the country at the moment.) Lo' and behold, I got a nibble! While I'm waiting for him land stateside, I thought I would post a quick survey to see what kind of real interest is out there and what folks would look for in a crochet charting program. So if you're interested, please participate in my survey!

Click Here to take survey

Have a wonderful weekend! And remember, no laboring allowed!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Bad Day

It all started out as a typical Saturday morning. My husband decided to check out a new fishing hole nestled in the San Bernardino mountains, I was thinking of going to see Mr. Bean's Holiday and maybe get a few crochet stitches in. Then he came home unexpectedly.

His fishing trip was cut short due to him getting robbed. He was held at knife-point and gun-point while they took what money he had, his cell phone, gasoline card and some items out of his van. They then threw his keys into the woods and took off. The only reason he survived the attack is because he let them have whatever they wanted. Please take that as a lesson. It took him several hours, but he managed to find his keys and make his way home. Needless to say, he is quite shaken and I've been on the verge of throwing up ever since.

The reports have been filed and the calls to cancel accounts and cards have been made. One never knows what will happen from one day to the next. We take so much for granted. Please take the time today to tell those close to you how much they mean to you. Kiss them, hug them and hold them tight.

The only consolation I have is knowing that these people always get paid back whether it happens here or at the end.

I likely will not be on line for the remainder of the weekend. We're just going to spend the rest of this weekend appreciating each other's company and thanking God for his protection.

Love you all! ~ Mini

Rated G

I found this on another blog. I'm quite proud that my blog is rated G considering what an old crusty lady I am turning into!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Past Week

Hi All! As some of you know, I've been off work for the past week. We didn't have any plans, this was simply a week off for me to decompress - do whatever I felt like each morning I woke up. It's my favorite kind of vacation, short of spending the whole time off at the beach.

For the most part, I piddlefarted around. I made a mini Martha poncho for my girlfriend Gretchen's little girl, Elisabeth. She's working on 19 months on this planet. She makes it a better place.

Poncho On

Poncho off

Angelic face

So we didn't get a pic of her in her poncho to share with you all. I didn't blame her. It was hot and humid. And you know how little ones hate clothes anyway (run naked, run free!)

So anyway, Gretchen lives just a block or so away from the beach in Oceanside. I'm so jealous! Her mom graciously babysat while we went for a stroll on the pier and grabbed a bite to eat.

They've re-done the pier as part of an overall community improvement project. Everything is so nice and new and bright!

Does this look like the stereotypical California beach or what?

I wish they all could be California girls... owwmm do be do wop, owwmm do be do wop...

A Ruby's Diner has been built at the end of the pier. We grabbed lunch there. It was nice to be surrounded by the ocean while we ate. So very relaxing.

Here we come on the run with a burger and a bun...

While we waited to be seated, a seal came by to play beneath us. I took a bazillion pics, but this one was the best of the lot. I want his life. Well, at least until a shark comes along... but then again, Richard Dreyfus would save me!

The Oceanside Pier is one of the last few in California that still allows you to fish off of it.

Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads. Fish heads, fish heads, eat them up ~ yum!

The water was particularly clear and blue that day. In the distance, you see signs of (over) development. The 2 tallest buildings on the right are brand new beachfront condos.

As an American citizen you are entitled to... a heated kidney-shaped pool, a microwave oven...

After lunch, I asked Gretchen if we could go by her LYS. Although she's not a crocheter or knitter, she's a good sport. Unfortunately, they had gone out of business. I think it's this guy's fault. The guy that gives the surfing lessons. Hey You!

It was a lovely day at the beach visiting with one of my bestest friends. Then it was back home again where all the yarn is! I finally finished off the Solo afghan that has been staring at me for months. The pattern did not call for an edging, but to add tassels to the four corners. I knew that after a little wear or the first washing that tassels would become a knotted, matted mess as Solo is not a tightly spun yarn and it's very fuzzy. Plus I didn't like it without an edging after I had finished sewing the squares together. So I simply added 2 rows of hdc all around. I'm good with it!

Before I went visiting, I had started a matching Martha poncho for Gretchen so her and Elisabeth would be matchy-matchy mother/daughter. I know. Corny, but definitely cute. Unfortunately, the clock ran out and I didn't finish it in time. So I kicked it out today and will send it to her in the mail. It's not like it's cold yet anyway.

I made both ponchos with Homespun in Corinthian. Very bright and festive (and heavy.) Will definitely stand out on the beach when the little one decides to bolt down the shore ~ LOL!

Except for a sneak trip (or 2) to Michaels for (yet more) yarn, that about sums up my week off. It was sure nice while it lasted!!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

From A Gentler Era

Before we worried about anything and everything...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Petco Park

Today started out to be just another day in the life of a wage slave. At about 10:15 I decided to take my morning coffee break and ran into the recruiter I've been working with. He was anxiously looking for takers for 3 extra baseball tickets he had left over from an outing that had been arranged for the summer interns. The only catch was they were for today and the limos were arriving at 10:45. So I quickly checked our workload, made a few calls in a half hour my minions and I were on our way to a Padres game LOL!

The New Petco Stadium. Yes. Petco.

Now the Padres kinda suck, but hey ~ it was a day away from skullduggery and it was in San Diego ~ the official Southern California home of perfect weather! We had a great time at the ballpark eating hotdogs and peanuts. And the Padres actually won (go figure?) In fact, it was a shut-out. All I can think of is that the Arizona Diamondbacks must have sent out their B team. Who cares? It made for a really nice day. The final score was 11-0.

See the ocean? Perfect weather!

So today was fun. Tomorrow will bring back meetings and emails laden with barcode questions. But I'm not going to think about that until tomorrow.