Sunday, November 26, 2006

It's Starting To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

We have been without a tree for a few years because our house is small and what I deemed a good tree just took up too much valuable space. Because we've been tree-less, it really hasn't felt like Christmas for a while. So this year I decided to buy a skinny tree and make the room for it. It went up today and it's all decorated :)

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Yep, that's one skinny tree! LOL But hey, it adds the needed atmosphere and that's all that counts!

Merry Christmas everyone and may your holidays be blessed.

Holiday Card ~ And Here It Is!

As with most folks, I was out amongst the retail insanity on Black Friday. Surprisingly, it wasn't too bad. But our town is a bit smaller than most ~ for now. Anyway, as I was gathering my plunder, I came across the PERFECT Christmas Card to use for my doily card idea at Target. In fact, they had similar designs in red, green and white, so I bought all three! Why I didn't think of this sooner is beyond me as it would have saved a neuron or two.

Anyway, here be the final card. The cardstock is flocked velvet tone-on-tone, so adding a red coaster is definitely in the theme. I think the gold ribbon sets it off perfectly. The colors are deeper than what the photo shows, but you get the gist.

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So ends THAT mission! LOL Now on to the next, getting the tree up and decorated and get a few projects in the washer to felt.

Ciao for now!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Holiday Card ~ Part II

OK, so I'm still looking for the perfect presentation for my Coaster Holiday Card idea. I picked up some sage green cardstock and a gold calligraphy paint pen at Joann's last time I was there. It's getting better (I think), but I'm still not thrilled with it. Am I being too anal? Maybe the cardstock itself needs texture and forget the gold pen. I guess the mission continues...

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On a brighter note, it's going to be a gorgeous day! Partly sunny and 73 ~ so I think I'll crochet on the porch today :)

More later,

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm Back ~ Finally!

Geez Louise man! Well, it turned out the fan I bought was not the right size and I ended up calling Dell. After being disconnected from the tech that had already made me go through a zillion motions to prove what I told him in the beginning was true (fan no spinny, no turny), I had to call back for a second round. At least this guy took me at my word - mostly. Anyway, the part was put on order and arrived at the 'computer guy's' shop on Tuesday. Then there was the aggravation of waiting for the phone call from the 'computer guy'. Thankfully, he showed up today.

I now have insight into why it took so long for the guy to come out and fix the beast. He arrived at the house at 1pm and didn't leave until 5pm. The repair itself only took 10 minutes max. Seems my husband and the computer guy hit it off and spent the afternoon flapping gums. I highly suspect this guy hits it off with everyone he meets thereby fixing only 1 computer per day.

Regardless, now that I'm up and running again, I'm a very happy camper and will be back to posting more about my crochet freakiness this weekend :oD

Friday, November 03, 2006

Wish Me Luck!

Computers. They are a necessary evil in my life. I work with them and I live on them at home. Sadly, I ignored an obvious warning sign and my home computer died on me. I'm thinking it's just the fan on the CPU, so I'll be replacing that this weekend. Cross your fingers that that is all it is.

I feel like my right arm has been ripped off. I do everything on the bloody thing. Banking, shopping, games, chatting, blogging... I find that the last few days that I've been without it, I wander the house aimlessly not knowing what to do with myself. Now that could be a sign that I'm getting so old that if my routine is disrupted, that I can't adjust. Nah... yeah...

Anyhoo, if all goes well, I'll be back on line tonight. Otherwise, I'll see sometime soon!