Monday, February 19, 2007

Just A Few Pics

I've been so lazy about taking pics of my projects lately. I know I've made more stuff than what I've taken pics of today, but we'll chalk it up to my brain not quite working up to par.

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This is a beaded bag that I made up for my hairdresser for a Christmas gift. Sadly, I never got around to lining it, so I guess she'll get it for her birthday instead :oP The bag is made with 2 strands of Opera size 5 crochet cotton and some neat swirly painted glass beads that don't show up well here. What also doesn't show up well are the three rows of shells above each bead. The pattern is from Vogue Knitting Crochet Bags on the Go. Here's the pic from the book where you can see the stitches a bit better:

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The pattern called for using 'hollowed out' coffee can lids for the handles. I thought that was a bit cheesy ~ especially for a Vogue pattern. So I just used some purchased rattan wrapped handles instead.

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A couple of washcloths made with Lion Cotton. I have another two in progress in natural, but lost interest for the time-being.

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This is the sweater clutch pattern I found at Crochetme. I had a major brainfart when stitching the hhdc, so it came out a wee bit taller than intended. I still think it's cute and I'll get some use out of it. Made with Paton's Decor for the body and Paton's Merino Wool for the collar.

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A few motifs for a friend at CFL that I mentioned below.

I'll post more later once I am reminded of what I've worked on recently :oP

Sunday, February 18, 2007

You Can't Say No To The Beauty and The Beast... Dahling...

Remember this guy?

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Back in the late 70s, I used to think this guy ~ er, lion-man-creature-god ~ was hot! I don't know what Linda Hamilton's problem was, I'd have kissed him! But then again, if she had, there probably wouldn't have been much of a show.

So while I've been convalescing with the most severe creeping crud that has hit me in many a year, I've been watching the first season of this show on DVD ~ or should I say dozing on and off to it? All I know is that each time I become conscious for a bit, there's Vincent's face ~ pissed off, growling, baring his teeth and breaking the neck of someone who has put his precious Catherine in peril. Yep! My kind of stuff Maynard!

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Makes me want to go slap my husband silly as he was slightly bitching earlier today about having to bring me cough syrup and cold medicine because I couldn't make my wobbly legs work all that well to make it to the freakin' kitchen :o\ Such the gentleman...

In other news, we have finished moving all the stuff my mom intends to keep into her new trailer. Our relationship is hanging by a thread. It might be a good thing that I got sick. It gives me an excuse to stay away for a few days or so.

On the crochet side of life, not much going on there. I've been working up some small motifs for a lady at CFL whose granddaughter's friend has been seriously injured by a hit and run driver. Very sad. Bet they were drunk. But let's ban smoking cuz that's much more dangerous...

Can you tell I'm a wee bit crabby?

Well, I've been away from the bathroom for over 10 minutes now, so I better get back to my perch. Take care and we'll talk more soon!

I'll leave you with this note ~ scroll down and hear a snippet of David Bowie's Beauty & the Beast

Monday, February 12, 2007


Yep, I've been AWOL. But with good reason ~ we have finally gotten mom's new trailer ready for her to move into, so the moving fun has begun. Hopefully, if all goes according to plan, the move will be completed next weekend.

Which brings up the subject of stuff. Why do we accumulate it and how do we manage to stuff it into the most remote and teeniest of spaces to guarantee that it will never, ever be used? And once it's brought to our attention after being invisible for years, do we insist that we absolutely can't live without it? This has been a major ponderance of mine this past weekend as I was helping my mom pack up her stuff. After all, just how many frying pans, fuzzy toilet seat covers, half-empty bottles of shampoo or partially used rolls of Christmas wrapping paper and used squished bows does it take to properly run and maintain a household?

How many singing canaries does it take before their song isn't pretty anymore, but has been elevated to an eardrum piercing resonance as they scream to Jimi Hendrix on the radio? I would say it's less than 7 which is the number of canaries my mom currently has in her keep.

Just how many square inches do you need to allow for a 8" long kissing gourami? Considering she has 4 of those and 2 equally sized tin-foil barbs, her 50 gallon tank is not big enough. Could explain why they spend the majority of their time with their mouths at the top of the tank.

I have managed to convince her to pare down the bird farm to 4 birds, the fish are on their own to fend for their survival. She has managed to find homes for 2 of her 4 dogs (I provided one of those homes), but there are still 2 cats for which a new residence is needed. Somehow, I think my mom thought she was in a lost episode of Little House on the Prairie, but instead of farm animals that have the potential for earning their keep, she chose domesticated animals. Oy!!

But such as it is and we'll get through it. The secret will be to get through it and still retain something resembling a relationship. So far, so good.

Needless to say, anything crochet-related has taken a major backseat until this move is complete. I hope to be back in the yarn and back in blogland in a couple of weeks on the outside.

Until then, may all your projects be frog-free!