Sunday, June 24, 2007


Don't meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup.

Whilst I sew squares together today, it will be dragon movie day (sometimes, I like to watch movies in themes.) On the venue are:

These should keep me from napping and ensure that I don't doze off as dragons are not quiet creatures (no guarantees though.) Here be the squares I'll be sewing together today:

This is one afghan that will definitely need blocking when it's done ~ no skating though without it! No-sir-ee. And a tip for you should you decide to make this pattern... on rnd 3, replace ch 5 with ch 3 or ch 4 to reduce the loopiness. I thought of this once I finished the first 8 knowing that it would make for unruly squares unless I reduced the ch. But rather than rip back 8 squares, I chose to proceed with the remaining 40. Sometimes I'm not bright.

And what are you doing today?


.:Cris:. said...

So, how many blocks did you get joined? :) Hope you enjoyed your movie & yarn day- you deserve it :)


Mini said...

One lousy strip of 9. They need to come out with a tool or machine that can do this! LOL

Monet said...

I wanna watch dragon movies...lucky you! Ugh I hate putting squares together. next ghan i do is NOT going to have squares!! Looking good though~!!

naida said...

hi mini, the squares are looking great. enjoy your dragon movie marathon. I like the movie Dragonheart :o)

Sandytoo said...

I guess that is why I am more of a row by row afghan sort of person...unless its join as you go. But the squares are really nice, Mini...cant wait to see the finished product :)

I crocheted 2 more sections onto the play pad I am making but today I didnt crochet a STITCH! Instead I was determined to figure out how to make Mp3 files into ringtones and download them onto my phone and finally DID IT! Got 12 new ringtones on my phone now. Sure beats paying for them :)

As for Dragons, I kinda like Smaug...

Mini said...

Thanks everyone :) I will think twice before I pick another afghan pattern that uses squares.

Ah, she does tempt me, Sandy of the Too to ramble longingly on the events that transpired in a deep, dark cave. Be that it may, a hobbit, small in stature but large in heart smote the dragon Smaug and saved the men of the lake. For all of which a fortune be paid to make Mr. Baggins the richest of all hobbits. But there was one treasure he kept to himself... one treasure he kept secret... in his pocketses...

Sônia Maria said...

Oi friend!
They are pretty!
I am making many caps.
I have a friend that she is married a doctor.
She is making a campaign of caps for devoid children of the Hopital of the Cancer of São Paulo.
I already made several I finished to finish one.
I have photos of two caps more. My son said that thus, the people go to stop to visit mine blog. Because I am not showing to new features.... kkkkkkk
Day 30 of next June finishes the campaign.
After this date I will make other parts.
Very Obliged for its attention and affection.
Hugs of the friend,
Sônia Maria www.falandodecrochet.blogspot.com