Saturday, June 23, 2007

Random Stuff

Although we seem to have escaped the 'leash law' ticket (yay!), Yoda didn't fare as well. Because she had to be left in the shelter over an entire weekend, she managed to get a nice nasty case of kennel cough. So all this week we have been medicating her which has NOT been fun. She does not like to take her medicine and it usually takes both me and my husband to administer it. She's been medicated for 3 days now and she's just starting to show teensy-weensy signs of improvement. (I've had another 'first' in my life and that is picking a dog's nose. ick.) I'm hoping by Monday morning, she will be a lot better and we'll be on the downhill slope with this thing. Poor baby.

I put the PK doily aside for a bit and picked up the Solo afghan. All of the squares are done. Now comes the [daunting] task of sewing them all together. This is my least favorite part. So much so, that I've been known to not finish an afghan because of it. But I'm going to discipline myself and dig in tonight. My husband went off to the car races, so I have the whole house to myself!

But before I do that, please excuse me while I rant a bit about Bernat's Solo yarn. It's full of knots. Not just a knot in a skein here and there, but virtually every skein and sometimes more than one! Needless to say, there was a lot of waste and I had to end up buying more yarn to finish. So that $1.59 per ball sale was for a reason I think. Since the yarn is discontinued, it must have been to get rid of mill ends or something. If not, it could be the reason why the yarn has been discontinued. On the bright side, even with having to buy more, it was still a cheap project and I do like the way the afghan is coming out. Just be forewarned should you decide to take advantage of a sale you see for it and buy extra.

MySpace. I registered for an account just so I could contact someone in particular to ask a question. Then I forgot about it. That was about a month ago. Since then, I've had several teenage girls requesting to be added to my friends list. So yesterday, after having to have my password resent, I clicked on their names to see who they were. Basically, they were all a bunch of slutty little girls who were posting links to their naked pictures. Yep, just what I want to add to my circle of friends. You betcha. These little slut-puppies [I am most certain] are serving up your hamburgers at the local McDonalds, so the next time you're there you might want to ask that girl at the drive-up if she washed her hands before handing you your Happy Meal.

Now where did I put that new package of yarn needles?

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