Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

I am waaaaay behind the 8 ball on this holiday. In fact, I didn't realize tomorrow was Easter Sunday until just a few days ago. I guess not having kids to remind you when the holidays are coming is a downside.

But not to fear, I made a

He's accompanied by a
Butie and a Gabu. They are friends. Good thing too, as I need to get rid of some yarn around here.

I also made a couple of
cleaning goodies:

These projects helped me to clear out the remainder of 3 skeins of yarn - whee! The cleaning scrubbees kind of look like Easter Baskets with those green scrubbees in them, don't they? Hmmm...

Anyway, just a quick post to wish everyone a happy holiday. Eat lots of eggs so we can fart nationwide tomorrow!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Ren Faire 2009

Saturday was the opening day for Ren Faire. As hubby seemed to have had his fill of 1590's merriment due to me dragging him to the faire year after year, I cut him a break and went with a good girlfriend. We ate, bought stuff, ate some more, had a massage and picked up purchases on the way out. It was a very good day.

That said, Ren Faire always puts me in the mood for doing something whimsical. So one of my purchases was for a Fairy House and Fairy Garden kit. So after a few short naps today (ahhh...), I set to having some fairy fun.


First up is the Fairy House. It's basically a cardboard tube covered with dried flower petals and that spongy moss that I can never remember the name of. The cute little chair is 2 acorn caps backed with a pinecone (do you call it a leaf?) The picture doesn't do it full justice, but I think it came out cute.

I then took the miniatures that were included in the Fairy Garden kit and placed them under the tree in the back yard. I didn't use all of the miniatures that came with the kit as a couple of them just seemed way off scale.


Close-up of wheelbarrow, tools, stepping stones and birdhouse.

It's kinda hard to see, but I made a shepherd's hook out of tie-wire to hang the birdhouse on. I twisted two strands together then formed the hook. I think I'll take it back in the garage and spray paint it black (or white.) I also have an idea for a miniature pond ;) Later.

I'm not sure if fairies get mail, but what the hey?

So those were the creative purchases. And the best part is that now I've had a chance to think back on what I saw, some Christmas gifts are coming to mind. Sounds as good excuse as any to go back a second time, donchathink?

And don't ya just love spring?!