Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Yarn Makes a Video

Parking my butt in front of a cheesy sci-fi movie with my yarn and hook in hand is a treat for me on the weekends. But finding a video filled with yarn is an absolute hoot!


DaniLane said...

that was something else. dominic enjoyed it so much that he wants me to play it again. can you imagine how many frames were in that? had to be harder to do than claymation.
very cool, thanks for sharing.

Pamela Foreman said...

That is awesome!! I wish I was talented enough to do that plus had the time!!

karen said...

That really would have taken forever to do. I like the video better without the music. I'm getting so old.

I noticed that you had a post about Marble yarn. I have about 6 balls of it that I have to yarn up somehow. Suggestions? I was supposed to make a shrug last year but I don't like that pattern anymore. Typical.

Mini said...

LOL - I'm old too, but for some reason, I find this to be a catchy tune. Must be the yarn ;)

As far as marble yarn goes, I think it works really well with more open and decorative stitches as opposed to straight or solid rows of sc, dc, etc. I think anywhere an acrylic yarn is appropriate to use would be fine as long as there is a pattern to it to really show off the color changes. I think a seraphina shawl would be gorgeous in it! Which colorway do you have?

karen said...

it's the teal.