Monday, October 23, 2006


In my shopping frenzy a few weeks back, I picked up a couple of balls of Patons SWS [Soy Wool Stripes] in yummy fall colors. I decided it would make a nice man's cap and sifted through my patterns until I landed on the Stonehedge cap pattern from Crochet Garden. I lucked out big-time here because I ran out of yarn and had to go back for more and with 2 balls left in the bin, one of them was the same dye lot I was using (whew!). So here be the finished result.

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This is a nice heavy hat that completely covers the ears and is perfect for those who live in colder climates than southern california. I made it for hubby so he can wear it when he's out on the ocean in his kayak netting lobsters (still waiting for the return on investment on that purchase!)

I had followed the instructions for the large size ~ as my husband has a big giant head ~ and it came down well past his eyebrows. So I frogged a few rows before I started the brim. The pattern is a wee bit on the large side. But then again, my husband doesn't have a lot of hair :D

As you work this yarn, any rubbing of the fabric while you work will cause fuzzing. So anything made with this yarn will require the use of a sweater shaver to maintain it's look. I'm not sure I'd make large items with it because of this, but for smaller items like this hat, the colors are drop-dead gorgeous and there's a wonderful sheen to it. It's definitely worth adding a few balls to your stash!

Happy Monday ;)


karen said...

Great information. Thank you. Ive always wondered what SWS stood for.
The hat turned out very nicely. Gorgeous colors.

naida said...

luv the hat!

.:Cris:. said...

Awesome hat! The colorway is goregeous.


Mini said...

Thanks everyone! The yarn is actually 30% soy and 70% wool. As fuzzy as it can get just working with it, I'm thinking it might felt well. Hmmm... ?

Rina said...

The hat looks great. I've been eyeing that new yarn. I'll have to try it out. It's not too scratchy?

Mini said...

Thanks Rina. The yarn is actually quite soft. It does not have the scratchiness to it as most wool yarns have. I could easily wear this against my skin, no problem.