Sunday, November 04, 2007


So here I am again in the month of November with a long list of things I'd like to make for Christmas gifts and looking at the calendar noting that even if I didn't have a full time job, I'd never make it. And once again I'm swearing that I'm going to start the Christmas gift crocheting in January. Of course, it doesn't help that I keep signing up for exchanges and CALs. This is the downside of belonging to several crochet groups. You get caught up in the activities and forget all about the things you need to cross off your own list. You say to yourself, 'this won't take long, I still have time, it's going to be so much fun that I can squeeze this in...'.

So I'm rethinking my gift list and I will be making things for those that are close to me and for those that aren't... well, they're getting store-bought gifts. Again. That brings me down to 3 things I need to get done. This is manageable.

I'm also rethinking the whole group activity thing. As fun as they are, they consume a huge amount of my free time. Time I could be spending making things for myself or the house and things to torture my hubby with (which is always fun.) I simply do not need to sign up for every exchange and CAL that comes along. No... I... don't.

On the home front, we have finally taught Paco to do his duties outside. Well, Jose gets some credit there too. I think he actually had more to do with teaching Paco that dirty deeds are done in the back yard. Either way, life is back to normal in that department which makes both of us very happy!

Halloween was the typical candy extravaganza. I made up 120 treat bags and handed out all but 9 of them. The little kids were precious, but some of the teenagers I wanted to beat with a stick. I'm getting old I think.

But for now, I need a chuckle. So I'm going to go throw one of the dogs on my husband so he can be licked awake in the face. Have a great Sunday and I promise my next post won't be so boring and icky.


.:Cris:. said...

Hello Starshine, the Earth says "Hello!"

as does me... Hi :)


Mini said...

Hiya Cris!

naida said...

Hi Mini, I know what you mean with all the crocheting to be done. It gets overwhelming. *sigh*...lol and CAL's are always so tempting.

glad to hear Paco is housebroken *yay*

have a good one, the holidays are upon us again, I'm so stressed already...lol

Sandytoo said...

Mimi, I, too, understand. I have had to change plans as far as what I want to make for the little ones for Christmas, now that we have little William's christening next month and I need to do something for THAT, too. So the babies are not getting the clothes I planned. Instead, I am making them each a night light...got the pattern from Annie's POTD. I still have to get up the ambition to get back to work on the girls bassinet purses and the clothes for the dolls.

Happy to know Paco is doing his duty :)

And good luck with the job change. I know that no matter WHAT you do, you will do it well!


SteveK said...

Hay Good to hear from you, it would be nice to see you. I am in town til mid week.


Steve LTR said...


Give me a call I left my # on phone, last SteveK acct no good. Take Care

Steve LTR

Mini said...

Thanks all and a big HI back at ya! Yeah, I'm starting to feel a little stressed already. I'm usually not there until after Thanksgiving.

Steve, I'll check for your #. However, the FDA is on site all week so I don't know how available I'll be. I'll do my best to ring you up!