Thursday, November 22, 2007

Chanson Capelet

I had previously mentioned what a challenge the Chanson en Crochet capelet pattern was. It was. But I fudged my way through the math issues this pattern had and finally finished it! Since I had a bit of time this morning before the festivities began, I decided to block it while the gittin was good. As I look at the pic, I realize I need to go back and touch up some edges.

I made this with Bernat's Cashmere (don't get excited, it's only 5% cashmere, but it is incredibly soft), it took about 4 balls. I have a nice vintage button that I'll put at the neck before I wrap it up to send to my 'ville holiday exchange partner. Now that I've tackled the inaccuracies of the pattern, I think I'll make one for my mom for a Christmas gift ~ time willing of course!

Thank you for the encouragement on the stop smoking adventure. I have high hopes that this time, we're going to do it!

So that's it ~ just a quick note to show off the latest FO and to not forget to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!


naida said...

it looks great mini!
nice job :o)

Sônia Maria said...

Hi, Mini!
Very nice job.
I love your crochets.
Have a nice day.
Sônia Maria