Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Nope, not monster truck races or WWF. Just a quiet Sunday at the old homestead. The day will involve dog bathing, movies and yarn as usual. On today's tube will be a selection of mind-benders:

  • The Number 23
  • Premonition

I'll let you know if they're any good or not ~ LOL.

I'll be working on my KAL to continue to hone those knitting skills and when my wrists get tired of that motion, I'll start on something for this month's CFL challenge.

Sandy's post on her blog reminded me that I had not yet done up my obligatory square for Krochet Krystal's daisy square pattern. Heavens to Mergatroid! Exit, Stage Left. So I worked up one real quick. These are used to create afghans for charity. If you are interested, you can get the details here.

I may work up another one later in different colors with a white background. This one doesn't float my boat too much, but I figured it can get lost amongst the other squares that she'll use.

The sewing bug is also starting to rear it's head. I haven't sewn anything in... well... I can't remember when. So in perusing the pattern sites, I ordered the following tote patterns:

McCall's M5823

Butterick B5006

I've got a chest drawer full of neat tapestry fabrics that I've picked up here and there which I can use to make these neat totes. The second pattern also includes a roll-up hook/needle case too :)

And that about sums it up for today. Have a great rest-of-the-weekend!


.:Cris:. said...

:batting eyes: I do love the 2nd tote :) You can use my sewing machine- if it still works; I haven't used it in :cough, blush: years!

I didn't like The Number 23, I didn't make it all the way through it; Premonition was good, but not as good as I thought it would be/

Have a great day my friend!

Mini said...

Now see, I liked The Number 23. I particularly enjoyed seeing Jim Carey in a serious role and I think he was quite good in it. Premonition - I agree. It was good, and the ending was unexpected, but it could have been better.

Send me $50 and I'll make you a tote :D

Sandytoo said...

The square came out great, Mini...I like the colors :)

And I like that second tote with all the pockets. I am a pocket person. I used to sew a LOT, years ago but havent had a sewing machine in a LONG time. I keep telling myself I should get a new one but there a lot of other things I need before a sewing machine. Maybe someday.

Garden looks great too! I wish I had a yard. But my potted tomato plant is doing well...just need to keep the squirrel away. He keeps knocking over my other plants and digging up their soil. Why cant he stay ON THE GROUND and dig? There is a lot more dirt down there than up on my balcony!

Good luck with the totes!


naida said...

enjoy your sewing projects mini, I know they will turn out fabulous!

nice square BTW


Sônia Maria said...

Hi Mini!
I am very happy with its visit. That good that you crochet saw stitch that I created. I go to make pass-the-pass of the green bag. The video was made by a friend of net.
Abraços with affection,
Sônia Maria

Monet said...

I love #2 tote. :) so ya know since i can't sew....if you have any blue colors laying around...ya know...not hinting toward anything ya know...i wouldn't do that!! :P HINT!! HINT!!