Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Knit One, Purl One

Boy Howdy. I finally get knitting. I have purchased every kind of knitting needle out there and it was finally the Clover Flex needles that did it for me. These are only about 5.5 inches long with a bead-ended cable. MUCH more comfortable in the hands than traditional straight needles, and far less awkward for this crocheting fool. (Joann's is having a 50% off one item sale in case you'd like to try a pair.)

I was piddlefartin' around on Sunday and finally decided to break these needles out (I purchased them months ago.) Grabbed a beginner dishcloth pattern at Lion and went for it. Below is the finished product.

I find that knitting is a bit more fussy than crocheting. It seems you spend a lot of time positioning the yarn in order to make a stitch (bring it forward, send it backward, push the stitches up on the needle, push them down on the needle...) But it's ok, I did manage to develop a rhythm.

I obviously need to practice casting on. My cast-on stitches are all uneven. I also need a bit of work on keeping the tension more even as I knit. But I'm getting it. This was a great beginner pattern as it had you frequently change stitches and row patterns, but not so often that you'd lose track of where you were at. So I think with a few more dishcloths or simple scarves under my belt, I'll be ready to rock and roll!


.:Cris:. said...

YAY! Way to go Mini! :)

No, I'm not that enthused- my period key is broken! ;)


Sandytoo said...

Alright, MINI! Thats a lot better than MY first attempt...which didnt get past the second row. I used to know HOW to knit...I learned to do that before I learned to crochet, but forget it now....I just cant seem to get the knack. I might try again another time but its not a priority.

What I think is interesting is that because I learned to knit first, I crochet the way I used to knit. Most people who crochet hold the hook like a pencil but I dont...I hold it like you would hold a knitting needle. I tried to hold it the other way but it was SO awkward that I gave up :)

Keep practicing....want to see you make a pair of socks soon! :)

Mini said...

Thanks ;- But 'Socks' and 'Soon'? I dunno. LOL

naida said...

thats great mini! I'm still kinda scared of my knitting needles and the clicking noise they make...lol

Mini said...

The clicking is kinda creepy, isn't it? I think we watch too much sci-fi! LOL