Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Garden

The veggie garden is something that I leave for my husband to tend, for the most part. But this year our garden was quite fruitful, so I thought I'd share our gardening success with everyone. Kinda like when your relatives make you watch their vacation movies.

Watermelon & Cantaloupe

There's about 8 watermelons and 9 cantaloupes on the vines at this point. If I remember correctly, the watermelon are the small round seedless variety.


Just about ready!


More Tomatoes!

... and Cherry Tomatoes too!

I'll be canning some maters as there are way too many for us to eat up before they go bad!


The corn is almost ready too. We'll yield about 20 ears.


And just for fun, some gourds. About 11 of them. I'll make bird feeders and hanging planters out of them for the yard and patio.

Green Seedless Grapes

This vine produced big time last year, but I'm not sure how it will fare after our big freeze we had this winter. Time will tell.

You will note that there is no zucchini in our garden. That is because we hate zucchini and all of it's little squashy friends. You can grow it.

Yard Helper

Here's a couple of pics of other parts of the yard.


Alas, we now have neighbors directly behind us. It's a good thing my girlfriend Barbara overbought when she was landscaping her backyard and she was sweet enough to give us her extra bamboo plants. It's starting to fill out quite nicely, but will probably still be another year before we see a 'screen' benefit to shield us from the neighbor's back windows.

Assorted yard plants

And that be our veggie garden and a peek at our yard. We still have a lot of landscaping to do ~ like finish the fish pond ~ but it's getting there. I just have to keep that hubby motivated and moving LOL!!


naida said...

hi mini, great garden! you have a green thumb.
nice little garden helper too :o)

Sônia Maria said...

Hi Mini!
Your garden is very much beautiful!
Yours crochets are very pretty! Today I finished a Hand bag and I believe that I created a different point of crochet. It would like heard its opinion on this. I wait a visit its to mine blog and an opinion on the point of crochet. You it would know to indicate me some thing on as to register a patent?
A pretty week for you.
Hugs with affection,
Sônia Maria

Monet said...

Everything looks great...i wnt watermelon...be right over!

Mini said...

Thanks, I'll pass your compliments on to my hubby as he does most of the work ;)

Moe, get a move on! We'll be picking that watermelon next week :D