Sunday, January 06, 2008

Picture Day!

OK - I've been negligent a wee bit while I've been off work. So in honor of my last day before I go back to the salt mines, here are pics of things I've been working on.

I picked up
Patricia Kristoffersen's Beautiful Baby Borders Blankets booklet and started an afghan for our admin at work. She's another one that thought she was unable to have kids and oops ~ Surprise! So I thought I'd make something a little more special than what I would normally make for a co-worker. The lavendar is Caron's Perfect Match, all of the other colors are Lion's Pound of Love.

First, the pain-in-the-butt squares. Every row is a different color. But the effect is lovely. I have managed to finish the 24 squares that are needed.

Then sl st'd together and edged.

In-between the square strips will be ring strips. There are 28 rings to a strip and they're edged in lavendar like the squares. Again, each ring in succession is a different color, so the work is a little slow-going. And that's it on the baby afghan for now.

Next up is an afghan I have half-heartedly started and work on between projects. I'm calling it the Morocco Afghan because of the colors. The square pattern is the
Friendship Jewel Square. I'm not sure yet, but I'm thinking I'll use Drew's joining method (called Dude Assembly) instead of sewing them together. I haven't even thought of the edging yet, but it will likely be rather plain. I'm making this with Vanna's Choice.

Next is a hat that I crocheted for one of CFL's OTW MCALs. It was the last of the holiday MCALs which was for charity. The pattern is
Luxury Hat from Woodhill design. I'll be getting this off in the mail tomorrow.

And last up on the picture taking extravaganza is another CFL MCAL ~ Heart Sachets. All were made in thread, the white and pink one in size 3 and the peach one in size 10. A few ribbon roses for decoration and voila! A nice valentine's gift for someone special.

This one will go into a gift basket with some candy for my mom. The color is bridal white which is really a light cream color. What are they saying do you think? lol

Haven't named who this one and the peach one are going to yet.

All 3 of them for size comparison. When made in size 10 thread, it comes out oh-so-dainty to tuck into a lingerie drawer. The larger ones can also be used in the drawer, but I think they look nicer on a bed or dresser.

My hearts are a slight modification from an old vintage pattern which can be found here. I simply make them in 1 color instead of 2 and sew the pillow closed before the edging is done instead of after (what were they thinking?)

And so ends my Christmas vacation crochet! I'll be continuing to work on those afghans and who knows what else. I hope your holidays were happy ones and I look forward to more avid crocheting in 2008!


naida said...

wow Mini, those blankets are going to be so beautiful! that baby one looks really great with those rings. cant wait to see the finished work. The hat looks great too. Love the sachets. Mine is done but I need flowers to embellish. Enjoy your Sunday :) Going back to work after vaca is such a pain :P

.:Cris:. said...

Beautiful stuff, Mini! I love the baby ghan. If you have plenty of leftovers, make another to help me with the babyfest of crafting I have ahead of me. :)


Mini said...

Thanks ladies!

Can't wait to see your heart Naida :)

Cris, with all of the color changes in this afghan, you are ON YOUR OWN! :D

Vincent said...

I'm working on this afghan. I'm getting frustrated with the instructions. Round three of the square needed some adjustments and it looks like the ring edging is missing a round. Ugh! I do like your lavender. I may have to switch and restart while I wait for an answer from AA.

Mini said...

I didn't have a problem with the squares, but in doing the edging, I did modify to do hdc, dc, dc hdc in the 4 stitches on either side of the join so it would lay nicer. I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled on the ring edging when I get to it.

I've never really liked American School of Needlecraft books much. It has been my experience that they're simply not good at proofreading / editing. But these patterns were so precious that I just couldn't resist. May I suggest an email to Patricia Kristoffersen instead? You can contact her through her website. The link to her site is on my blog.

Mini said...

That would be 2 stitches on either side of the join totalling 4 stitches. And I complain about proofreading! lol

Sandytoo said...

Mini, I apologize...that last message shouldnt have ended up there...my computer did that. Please delete it.

I wanted to say that I LOVE all those squares.....those afghans are going to be just beautiful! You ARE a busy bee.

The cap is a beauty. :) I still have to make a chemo cap for K&C...next on the long list :)


Monet said...

Everything looks great. Can't wait to see what that baby blanket will look like! :)

Mini said...

Sadly, I ran out of time to finish the baby ghan in time, so it will be on haitus until the next baby shower comes along :(

Anonymous said...

Hello, Mini!
Thank you for visiting may blog and thank you for the kind words.
I have really enjoyed looking at yours. You have wonderful pieces!
I had to try to do the afghan (flower square) that you posted here. I made four os them (yesterday! It's a addiction!!) and I'm thinking of doing a bag with them.
I'll let you know when it's ready.
Now I'm trying to translate to english a baby sweater pattern, that I posted yesterday.
If you need any help with postuguese patterns, please feel free to ask me. It's been very fun to translate crochet patterns and test my english skills :D
Have a wonderful week!