Saturday, January 26, 2008


One of our projects at work is taking a bit of a left turn, so the core IT team and I decided we needed to escape the facility to regroup and come up with Plan B. And what better place to escape and regroup than the San Diego Wild Animal Park (which is really in Escondido)?

We spent the first 4 hours hoofing our way through the park with the remaining time doing what one would consider actual work. Here are some pics of the more interesting part of the day ;)

Pretty Kitty!

My favorite critter is the cheetah. They are sleek, they are pretty and they are deadly. You just have to admire something that can take down their prey in 60 seconds or less!

Has anyone seen Crockett & Tubbs?

Flamingos. The more shrimp they eat, the pinker they become. Most of these guys were pretty darn pink so they must be getting their fair share. Noisy weird birds. And there's something not quite right about a knee that bends backwards.

Someday, my backyard will look like this...

I love walking around this park to gather landscaping ideas. Now, if I could just get the hubby out in the backyard...

The Big Kill

You have to give the park designers credit for how they use the funds and donations from the park. They did a great job on the vulture enclosure :D

Can you find the hummingbirds?

What a life!

Offspring of Winston

... and Winston

Winston has been at the Animal Park for as long as I can remember. He's the Big Kahuna in this community being the senior adult male Silverback Lowland Gorilla. In a previous visit where I arrived before normal park hours, the keeper was explaining that Winston hates the rain and actually cries. It is hard to imagine this beastie being a softie ~ lol!

It was a wonderful day and alleviated a great deal of stress. I think everyone should have their off-sites here ;)


naida said...

oh my gosh, I want to go to the zoo now...lol very nice! I agree with the Flamingoes...something aint right.
have a great week.

ladylinoleum said...

Very cool! I haven't been there since I was a kid. Must get back there!

.:Cris:. said...

We like the purdy pictures! :) They're osm! (Nano enjoyed them, too)