Friday, December 21, 2007

Last One!

This is the last of the larger crochet gifts I needed to complete. Woohoo!! Anything else I start at this point might get done by Christmas, might not and be saved for next Christmas. I'm done stressing :P

This is the Baby It's Cold Outside Sweater. I modified it to fit a size 2 ~ which was really easy ~ and made it with Patons Be Mine instead of the recommended Homespun. It came out soooo soft! The cap is a simple pattern called Gotcha Covered that I got from Coats & Clarks old site. I met my girlfriends for our annual Christmas breakfast yesterday and it was a hit (just made it under the wire too ~ whew!)

So now, all that is left is the wrapping of the store-bought gifts. I agonized over what to get my husband as he has everything. Then as I was cruising the local Walgreens looking for stocking stuffers, I got a look at the price of razor blades. Have I just not been paying attention? At what point did men's razor blades go up over $25 for a pack of 8?!! Who is Shick, Gillette, et al, trying to kid here? Well, I wasn't having any of that so I decided to spend $100 on a nice electric shaver for hubby instead of the traditional razor and pack of blades. It may not produce as close a shave as blades, but he's retired and not out to impress anyone anymore (particularly me LOL!)

Oh yeah, here's the latest on the smoking adventure... Chantix is a freaking miracle drug! My husband jumped the gun and started his routine before me. He has had a grand total of 2 cigarettes in 2 weeks. I started 4 days later and am taking a slightly different approach and weaning off instead of quitting cold turkey. I'm currently down from 1 1/2 - 2 packs a day (30-40 cigarettes) to 5 cigarettes a day. The true test was yesterday when I was out with my girlfriends who smoke. I was with them for 6 hours and they smoked like fiends (funny how you notice when you're trying to quit) and I did not go ballistic! I was able to calmly sit there while they puffed away and it didn't bother me and I did not smoke, nor did I want one. How great is that?!! So my official 'quit' date is next Monday. I'm not going to jinx the effort by saying it's in the bag just yet, but if you know of anyone that has been painfully unsuccessful at quitting, do them a favor and let them know about Chantix.

That's it for now. Merry Christmas!


Sônia Maria said...

Hi, Mini!
I was very happy with its visit. Very Obliged for the compliments, affection and attention.
This sueter of baby is pretty!
Yours crochets are wonderful. Merry Christmas, for you and all its family!
Hugs with affection,
Sônia Maria

naida said...

that set is beautiful mini, the pink is great!
I know what you mean about the razors, they are so pricy...I dunno why.
I'm proud of you quitting smoking, thats great. Sounds like you and hubby are doing great already!

.:Cris:. said...

I'm so glad you're doing so well on Chantix. I know it did wonders for Mom while she was on it.

The baby set is soooo adorable! :)

Thank you for the card & candies, I got them today. Sis is fussing to keep the card, I had to giggle. She wants to make an ornament from it. LOL

Have a blessed Christmas my friend!


Sandytoo said...

Mini, that sweater and cap are just gorgeous!

I think Ron and I are of the same mind when it comes to razor blades...we use them till we cant anymore :) I will use a blade for a couple months or more before I change it. I just cant see paying THAT much money for something SO cheap.

Congrats on the pre-smokeout :) I know you will beat it. Continued success!


Sandytoo said...

Mini, the name of the booklet that I got the sock pattern from it Fun to Wear Crocheted Socks. It was reduced at Annie's. Has some nice patterns in it. I am working on a different one now.