Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Co-worker Gifts

Since I decided to do "store bought" for co-workers, I did manage to get some crafting in. I made up goodie mugs for 14 people.

Before wrapping. Each mug gets hot chocolate/marshmallow/sprinkle cones enough for 2 mugs, a chocolate dipped pretzel, a smores stick, 2 candy canes, a bottle of coffee liquer, a bottle of Baileys and 3 kisses. I used Wilton icing bags to make the hot chocolate cones - worked perfectly!

After wrapping. I found ornaments on a stick at Michaels which I thought were sweet. They're made of that old fashioned plastic that toys used to be made with. A little ribbon, a little shrink wrap, the blow dryer and I was done!

Some of the inventory.

I still have to put hang tags on them. I made them, but still need to cut them up and tie them on. This is the artwork for the tag I worked up real quick in Illustrator. They will also serve as a card because I'm not handing those out to everyone this year.

The mugs and ornaments were on sale at Michaels for $1 each, the candy canes were on sale at Target for $1 for 12, the chocolate sticks were about $3 for a jar of 12, the liquers were about $2 each - so adding in the ribbon, wrap and shred filler, I think the whole mug cost between $5 - $6 each to make. (If you don't count the weirdo looks I got at the liquor stores when I bought them out of those particular items. They made me feel like a wino - LOL)

I'm starting to feel like I'm going to finish everything in time, so I'm a little less stressed - YAY!!

Edit 12/13/07

All finished!


Sandytoo said...

Mini, what a terrific gift idea! I did something similar for my b/f's grandkids...omitting the liquor..he,he. :) But I didnt think about candy cane stirrers. I will have to add them in. Thanks for the tip!


Mini said...

Thanks Sandy :) my tips are your tips ;)

.:Cris:. said...

You are such a crafty person :) The mugs are delightful, I am sure they will be well recieved!


naida said...

those look great mini!

Krystal said...

That is a fantabulous idea!!!

Such a crafty chick, you are!


Mini said...

Thanks ladies. You make my occasional blogging fun!
(Now why do I have the song 'Chick-a-boom, chick-a-boom, don't ya just love it...' running through my head?)