Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Sorry for the extended absence, but I am in such a crochet rut! I haven't been able to joyfully pick up the hook for a few weeks now. I hope I snap out of this soon! I'm hoping it's just the result of going in too many directions at the same time and just need to settle down a bit. I'll let you know how that goes...

On a non-crochet related note, we finally named the mutant dog. We're calling her Yoda and if I had my wits about me, I'd have a pic of her to post. This weekend for sure. She earned that name cuz of her big ears! She has settled in quite nicely with Jose. They play a lot. She has more energy than he does (hard to believe), so he gets a little snippy with her on occasion. But all in all, it's working out well. She's a sweetie.

Other than that, it's pretty much same-o, same-o around here. The weather last week was gorgeous in the high 80s, this week it's threatening rain and in the mid-60s. It's typical for this time of year, but I so much want it to be in the mid-70s and sunny!

A chuckle for ya... last night hubby was watching Eragon whilst I was surfing the net. I could hear the dialog and they were talking about what it meant to be a dragon rider. Very serious stuff. Then I hear hubby say in his 'talking to Jose voice', "I'm going to be a chihuahua rider!". I peeked around the corner and there they were - hubby on the couch, Jose sitting up on his lap facing the TV and hubby was 'driving' him with his fingertips by the ears. I busted a gut. I married him for humor 16 years ago and he still cracks me up! LOL

Well, that's all the inanity for now. More later, I promise!

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Monet said...

I hope you get out of the rut too. Thanks for helping me on my group and thanks for the chuckle, it was a good start to my day. *HUGZ*