Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Taking A Day Off

I think I will never book a flight that connects through LAX ever again. What a nightmare! After a foiled trip, I'm back home and wiped out beyond the beyond. So, I decided to take a day off and just veg.

I started testing a doily pattern for my buddy Cris while I was held hostage at the gate, so I'm going to work at finishing that today. So far, it's coming out real cute (way to go Cris!) And Moe will be happy to learn that I crocheted yet another scarf on the 2 short flights to and from LAX - (I told her I was sick of scarves and wouldn't make another one :P)

Speaking of short flights, I cannot believe that the airlines are so destitute that they are now resorting to prop planes. I was on a puddle-jumper so small, that the mild winds were batting the thing around like it was made out of cotton balls. Very scary. Plus, they're not sized for humans. Hobbits must be designing these things. Skinny hobbits. Very skinny hobbits.

Still working on getting mom moved. She needs to find homes for 2 of her 4 dogs plus her 2 cats and Lord knows how many canaries, cockatiels and love birds. These have been joyous conversations to have with her. As much as I love my dear Jose, I understand her sadness, but by the same token they are dogs, cats and birds and she will eventually be ok. I just hope I don't have to resort to finding homes for them, as I won't be so picky and that will just instigate more joyous conversation :o\

The tables truly do turn between you and your parents as you get older. I find I'm making comments that she used to make to me when I was a bratty prepubescent teenager. It's a very weird postion to be in for certain. And considering she turned 89 last December - God bless her - it appears it will be a position I'll be in for a while.

So much for that topic. Now for some serious vegging...


Monet said...

Scarfs...Wooo Hooo!!! LMAO

Monet said...
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.:Cris:. said...

TAG, you're it!

Come read my blog.

(evil chuckle)