Saturday, November 30, 2013

Groovy Crochet - Children

I had contacted the person who used to host the Groovy Crochet website which is now only available through the Way Back Machine. The last time it was updated was in 1999 and I was afraid the patterns would be lost. I never heard back from anyone. Although the email didn't bounce, I chalked it up to being no longer in use.

So I took it upon myself to copy out the patterns and group them by category into PDFs. The first one completed is for the Children's patterns. There are a few patterns that could no longer be found on the server, so they are missing. If you have copied out any of the following patterns, please forward and I will add them in so all patterns are in a single document ;-)

Patterns no longer available are:
  • MiniMex Poncho
  • Petite Poncho
  • Child's Top & Cap


Sandra Roarty said...

Mini, I actually have some of the leaflets with these patterns! Tells you how long ago I bought them. ;)

Naida said...

I love that Groovy Crochet website! Cool idea to save them :)

Mini said...

I have a few of them myself, Sandy. I inherited them from my mom. I remember wearing the flowered pullover vests and the hippy dippy vest and skirt set in junior high - I was to hip for color TV :D

Naida - so good to hear from you, how have you been?! I'm working on this between the zillion things to do to get ready for Christmas, so it will be a little slow-going. But I plan on continuing to plug away at it : )