Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wish Lists

Amazon has a good thing going with the Wish List thing. You find something and store it there for later. You half-heartedly think maybe you'll buy it later. Months and months go by and still, nah - not today.

And then... you wake up in the middle of the night and can't go back to sleep. There's nothing but infomercials on and you turn them off because they are starting to sound pretty good and maybe you just can't imagine life without that male enhancement product or maybe I CAN get rich in real estate. So you turn to the computer. It's safe. It's yours. You don't have to go anywhere you don't want to go. But after checking out all your fave sites and you're still wide awake, then what?

All that's left are shopping sites. And now everything on that Wish List you must have now!

Here are some purchases from a week ago when this [surprise!] very thing happened to me. And you know what? I scored! The fugly quotient in the books is quite low! Just about all of the patterns in all 3 books are things I'd want to make - how rare is that?!

Lots of cool projects in this book. Sweaters, scarves, hats, purses and lots of felted items.

Ever wonder how to wear sweaters and boleros that are not styled with the traditional button/loop closure? Well, you can make a button frog using 2 shank buttons, some elastic thread and seed beads. Just make a loop with the thread and string the seed beads onto the thread, with a button on either side. Tie off, hide the ends and voila! A button frog closure :) This is just a little side tip that is included in the Everyday Crochet book.

Who can have too many motif books? I'm quite certain that the answer is no one. At least no one that crochets anyway. There's lots of neat motifs with interesting stitch patterns, a lot of which that are textured - and I love texture!

On the disappointing side, I purchased this book from Overstock.com a couple of weeks ago.

Except for the pattern on the cover, this one is a HUGE disappointment. There's maybe only one other pattern that I might consider making. Oh well, that's the down side of buying books online. Unless they offer a 'browse' feature, you don't know what's inside. So on a positive note, 3 out of 4 ain't bad!

Now, to con the hubby into building a new book case for the craft room...


Lanee' said...

Not Bad at all!
That motifs book looks really interesting. Is it actually 144 or are there lots of color variations counted as motifs?
(that's what i hated about '200 Crochet Blocks')

Sandytoo said...

Hey....great books, Mini! The "Positively Crochet" has been on my wish list a LONG time...guess I should get it. :)

I went to the bookstore last week with my D and I got "Crochet That Fits". I am anxious to try a couple things in that. I like the technique...in fact, I started working on a bag using it and hope to create a pattern for it.

Mini said...

Crochet That Fits - is that the one that uses patterns that you crochet from side to side? If so, I've had my eye on that one too for a while.

Nisha - yes, the book actually has 144 motifs. They are divided into sections: Circles, Hexagons, Triangles, Squares and Unusual Shapes. Some are similar to each other, but they are definitely different patterns (not just colors.)

Lanee' said...

0o0oh! I want it then! -
another on the list of things to get when i have a 40% off coupon and money in hand!