Sunday, November 02, 2008

Vacation FO's

I managed to crank out a few projects during my wonderful week off from work which helped to substantially bring down that Christmas gift list (YAY!). I now feel comfortable that I can finish everything on time and maybe, just maybe, have some time for crochet just for fun :)

First up, a couple of Puffy Slouchy Hats in blue:


The first hat was done with Red Heart Soft, the second with Berocco Geode. The Geode was fun to work with :)

OK, not actually an FO, but most of the pieces are done for two felted purses. I still have 10 flowers and flower centers to make partially thanks to my cat Buster who thought I was making cat toys. I'm using Gourmet Crochet's Natalie Collection pattern for the purses. I'm using the rectangular pattern for both.

I then tested a slipper pattern for a lovely lady at Ravelry.


Worked out the adjustments I wanted to make to Sandyfroglegs' Fingerless Glove pattern, so I can kick out 4 pair for gifts :)


And made up a different afghan for my uncle as the round ripple had just gotten too boring to continue (for now.) So I went surfing through my pattern stitch books and found a stitch that would work well using 2 strands of yarn and a large hook so I could finish it quickly. So quick in fact, I'm making another one in different colors for my cousin. You'll find the pattern

Close up of stitch

And so ends another week ~ back to the grind tomorrow :o\ May your crochet hooks fly like the wind!


Judie said...

Nice projects for your week off. Love the caps :) Also like the afghan - as far as I have gone down the page so far. Double checking that you also used 2 strands for the border?

naida said...

wow mini, you've been a busy bee!
the projects are all great, and even a ghan done!!!

Mini said...

Thanks ladies :)

Yes Judie, I used 2 strands for the afghan border as well. The afghan goes quick!

Lanee' said...

very cool! i love those slippers, looks so snug and comfy.

Blue Llama said...

The link to the pattern stitch you used doesn't work, is it something you need to purchase? The afghan turned out lovely!

Jessica Robinson said...

Hello! I know that gorgeous colorful afghan is old news to you, but I just discovered it today, and I love it! Sadly, the link to the pattern no longer works. Do you remember the name of the pattern or what stitch that is? Anything that we could put into google to find out more info would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

Mini said...

Hi Jessica!

You made me go into the Way Back Machine :D I evidently posted a copy of the pattern here:


I'll update the link ;-)

Jessica Robinson said...

Wow! Thank you so much!