Sunday, February 18, 2007

You Can't Say No To The Beauty and The Beast... Dahling...

Remember this guy?

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Back in the late 70s, I used to think this guy ~ er, lion-man-creature-god ~ was hot! I don't know what Linda Hamilton's problem was, I'd have kissed him! But then again, if she had, there probably wouldn't have been much of a show.

So while I've been convalescing with the most severe creeping crud that has hit me in many a year, I've been watching the first season of this show on DVD ~ or should I say dozing on and off to it? All I know is that each time I become conscious for a bit, there's Vincent's face ~ pissed off, growling, baring his teeth and breaking the neck of someone who has put his precious Catherine in peril. Yep! My kind of stuff Maynard!

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Makes me want to go slap my husband silly as he was slightly bitching earlier today about having to bring me cough syrup and cold medicine because I couldn't make my wobbly legs work all that well to make it to the freakin' kitchen :o\ Such the gentleman...

In other news, we have finished moving all the stuff my mom intends to keep into her new trailer. Our relationship is hanging by a thread. It might be a good thing that I got sick. It gives me an excuse to stay away for a few days or so.

On the crochet side of life, not much going on there. I've been working up some small motifs for a lady at CFL whose granddaughter's friend has been seriously injured by a hit and run driver. Very sad. Bet they were drunk. But let's ban smoking cuz that's much more dangerous...

Can you tell I'm a wee bit crabby?

Well, I've been away from the bathroom for over 10 minutes now, so I better get back to my perch. Take care and we'll talk more soon!

I'll leave you with this note ~ scroll down and hear a snippet of David Bowie's Beauty & the Beast


.:Cris:. said...

Feel better soon Mini. I'm sorry you got the crud. Have you been eating tainted peanut butter? ;) Just kidding.

I'm so glad you've finished moving your mom.

Now get better!

Monet said...

Hope you get better soon! We miss you!