Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Crochet New Year Resolutions

It's that time when we make our lists of things that we'll do better in the coming year. Here is my list of crochet/knit resolutions:

1. I will not buy more yarn than what will fit in my [huge] wicker trunk.
2. I will not buy more patterns either in hard copy or electronic format until I actually use at least 5% of what I purchased last year.
3. I will not tell my husband to shutup and go away when I'm counting stitches. Instead, I'll keep a notepad handy and write down the number when he speaks. Then I will respond to him in my best Stepford Wife tone until he's finished talking and goes away on his own.
4. I will not have more than 3 projects going at any given time (that's 3 in yarn and 3 in thread.)
5. I will keep my craft room neat and organized at all times.
6. I will not make another purse until I've lined the ones I've already made.
7. When I buy yarn, I will buy it for a specific project and will not buy the entire stock of the same dye lot just in case.
8. I will not spend hours looking through eBay listings just to see if there is anything I can't live without. I can live without it.
9. I will finish the 2 afghans I started last year.

10. I will nail knitting!

That's my list, what's yours? (Well, I can try can't I? LOL)


.:Cris:. said...

HAHA Good luck with that, dearie! I don't make resolutions because resolutions were meant to be broken.


.:Cris:. said...

:sigh: Sure does suck you're back to work...