Sunday, September 17, 2006

Not A Stitch Diva

Many of the crochet blogs that I read belong to those who aspire to have their original patterns published. I guess I am not one of those. I crochet because I enjoy it, not because I want to become the next stitch diva. Now I'm not doggin' these folks, whatever floats your boat and more power to ya! It's just that I have always found that once I put a price tag on my work, I suddenly detest it and all joy is gone. Not that I haven't also had these thoughts - and it always sounds like a good idea at the time - but it always turns sour for me. It must be that rebellious bone that I grew as a teenager and never quite got rid of. Once it resembles anything close to a job, it falls into the "I'd rather be doing something else" category.

But if I did want to aspire to be the next stitch diva, it would be
Patricia Kristofferson that I'd hope to emulate. What that woman can do with thread! She is my hero.

I much prefer to give my work away. I'm hobbit-like in that I love giving presents ~ pretty wrapping paper, crafted gift baskets, fancy trims and inside, something I made just for you. No one else has it. That is where my joy is. That and collecting yarn, hooks and patterns ;)

So etsy and ebay away comrades, I'll stay right here in my nest of patterns and yarn agonizing over what I'm going to make next. My feet will be up, the tube will be on and I'll be in 7th heaven!

Ciao for Now!


.:Cris:. said...

um... time for a new entry here, mini!

Have a happy day... oh yeah, I mailed your (cough!) package today (cough! cough!)

Have a happy day!

Mini said...

I promise I will update this weekend!

Need lozenges? LOL